Friday Fun with Children

What to do with infants and toddlers this weekend?  It doesn’t have to be amazing, or over-the-top, and you don’t have to be Daddy Disneyland (or Mommy Disneyland).  In other words, use what you have in the yard and the house.  Children appreciate your time with them more than anything. (When you always take them places, their time is spent more with the “places” than with you)

Lie on your back on the carpet and kick your legs.  Hana and Andrew made a game out of just that.  Run in the grass!  Look how much fun Hana is having just running across the lawn.  It’s not how much it costs or how far you have to travel, it’s the time you spend interacting with your children that counts.  Happy Friday!

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Warmly, Linda, the BCW Lady

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