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Welcome to Babies Can’t Wait: International training & technical assistance!

Looking for infant, toddler, early childhood consultation, training, technical assistance, and expert consulting?


We have been in the business of babies and young children for over 30 years! As a result, our firm is grounded in best practices for infants, toddlers, and their families.



We are NOT connected to the State of Georgia Dept of Health early intervention program they call Babies Can’t Wait – find them through searching your local Georgia phone book under Dept of Health.

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  1. I moved my son from one daycare facility to another. His transition went well until just yesterday. He was very upset and crying and he wanted to go home. I moved him from the previous center because he had become so withdrawn. Its like he would be in a trance when his father or myself would pick him up. The center director of this new daycare facility pulled me to the side yesterday and asked me if anything had happened to him at the previous center. I proceeded to tell her his reactions to the center. He is a very friendly child and for him to not speak and just turn his head the other way from any of the employees of the center made me raise an eyebrow. The center director says he goes into a shell and starts to shake as if something was terrifying him. She recommended this Babies Can’t Wait program to see if we can get to the bottom of his nervousness. Please help if you can.

    • Dear Shanette: I am assuming you are in Alabama (Troy U). I am not sure what agency calls itself Babies Can’t Wait in Alabama, but it’s not us. We are an international training and technical assistance agency. I believe you are looking for the Part B or Part C early intervention program in your state (Part B if he is over 3; Part C if he is under 3 yrs). Look in your local phone book and call your local Health Department. They will have the information on your local early intervention provider that you need. Good luck. Warmly, Linda, the Babies Can’t Wait Lady (PS) If you happen to be in Georgia, they do call their Part C program “Babies Can’t Wait” but again – not us. Same applies – look in local phone book for health dept.

  2. Hi my name is Mia. I have a three year old son named Ezekiel, and it seems to me like his speech is not correct. I started noticing this when he tured two years old. I heard about your program through a t.v. advertisment adn i was woundering may you please help me out on my son’s speech please and thank you .

    • Mia: I am guessing you are in Georgia where they call their early intervention program “Babies Can’t Wait” They are not connected to us. To contact them, call your local health department and ask to be put in touch with Babies Can’t Wait. Good luck,
      Warmly, Linda, the BCW Lady

  3. Just relocated back to Norcross area. Picking up new clients soon for occupational therapy. (New Service) If any family in metro Atlanta area is interested in Special Needs Coaching (for new family/caretaker or old family who is frustrated with direction they are going) please contact me for services at reasonable rate. Licensed Occupational therapist with specialty training in SI, NDT and worked with all metro BCW programs. Over 15 years experience as therapist.

    • Helping Hands: You have this website mixed up with the Part C early intervention program in Georgia which they call Babies Can’t Wait. Although we hold the trademark, they use it and we let them. However, they are not connected with this site. If they have a website at all, it will be part of the GA Dept of Health website.
      Warmly, Linda,the BCW Lady

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