BCW Trainers/Consultants

BCW Director/Trainer Linda Kimura (The Babies Can’t Wait Lady) has over 30 years experience in early childhood and related fields, including Head Start, Early Head Start, Healthy Families America, and Child Protective Services.

Linda earned a B.A. in Early Childhood Development and an M.A. in Human Development. She is the author of “Babies Can’t Wait: Relationship-based home visiting” (a home visitor training book), “Music: The Great Organizer” (a chapter in “Learning to Read the World”), and “Home Visiting Programs: At Risk Families with Newborns” (a chapter in “Child Abuse and Neglect: Guidelines for Identification, Assessment, and Case Management).Linda also performs as “The Ukulele Baby Lady”. She consults across the United States and internationally. Linda is a former Head Start parent.

BCW Trainer/Associate Consultant Sally Miller is an Early Head Start Supervisor. She has many years of experience with Early Head Start, Head Start, and other infant/toddler/preschool programs. Sally’s innovations as a supervisor have resulted in high quality and well-respected home-based and center-based programs. Now she brings her enthusiasm and knowledge to our trainings and expert consultations to support you in enhancing your program services.

Both Linda and Sally are fully certified Infant/Toddler Specialists and Academic Instructors for the Program for Infant Toddler Care (PITC) at WestEd.


BCW Associate Consultant Cristine Cochran. Our expert ERSEA consultant, Cristine Cochran, has extensive Head Start experience from the local to the national level. In addition to her ERSEA knowledge, she is skilled at interpreting, implementing and monitoring state and federal program regulations. Her Program Design and Management skills combined with her direct service skills give her an additional view of ERSEA staff issues. She covers all aspects of Parent, Family, and Community Engagement and Program Design and Management for our company


To arrange for training and/or consultation from any of our consultants, please contact Linda at Linda.Kimura@babiescantwait.com


6 thoughts on “BCW Trainers/Consultants

  1. my Dr. referred me to you. My son is 1 month with a colostomy bag on his stoma and a mucous fistula on his lower stomach. I wanted to inquire if you provided home nurse?

    • You are looking for the state of Georgia early intervention program which is different from us. You can find them by calling your local health department and asking for the babies cant wait early intervention program. They have wonderful services.
      Warmly, Linda

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  3. Hello I have a 5yr old child who been in the babies can’t wait program as a infant after having brain hemorrhaging. I didn’t see any problem so I stopped the program. My child is now kindergarten and I have been seeing slow progress. I wonder if there’s a program in N.C. that I could contact I no longer live in G.A.

    • Vanessa: Yes there are intervention programs in every state. However, because your child is 5, the school district is responsible for any evaluation and treatment rather than a private agency. Talk to the kindergarten teacher and arrange for an evaluation through the school district. Good luck,
      Warmly, Linda
      The BCW Lady

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